20:13 20-02-2012
Nemo Ramjet stopped at one time, and whether he will ever put the site up and again, only he knows. At present only bits and pieces remain.
22:42 19-02-2012
it might be on dA...but for the most part, I think its in hibernation.
14:53 19-02-2012
William Stephens
Sorry for any confusion
By the by, does anyone have a link to the ACTUAL Snaiad website? The art I've seen is impressive, but all the Snaiad links I've followed just lead to freaky insurance websites, among other things. The 'links' hyperlink button on the About page shows a Snaiad link but it's not there. Has the website shut down?
19:42 18-02-2012
sorry - the plural of "email" made me think he was addressing several of us. mea culpa.
14:16 18-02-2012
William wanted me to check my email (which I did)
22:55 17-02-2012
all of us? (what's the Subject Line?)
20:30 16-02-2012
William Stephens
Could you check your emails please
00:11 14-02-2012
SN: I understand. Too bad mathematics aren't my forte.

Anthony: I'll make it easy for you:
22:54 13-02-2012
Anthony: I find the biomechanics of flight very daunting. Mechanical flight is difficult enough. I thought I remembered aircraft engineers blowing air over the top of wings, so I checked. It seems to increase lift: search for the Coandă effect or 'blown wings'.

Spugpow: I am uncertain whether the proposed explanations for jetting in air vs. water are correct. That does not mean I disbelieve them, but merely that I am neutral in this regard. The reasoning sounds logical, but I would prefer to see the mathematics behind it worked out some more.

El Squibbonator: I liked the part best where you wrote a "doc-fic". The name of the 'Panzerschildkröte' is a good find; you could argue that a 'Panzer' (armour) is an integral part of a 'Schildkröte' (tortoise) anyway, though, but that would spoil the fun...
22:25 13-02-2012
birds and airplanes stay in the air because there is an airflow on both sides of the wings. firing the jets on the tops of the wings (besides being a heat risk) also short-circuits this by putting all the air on the top of the wing...effectively grounding the creature.
16:30 13-02-2012
El Squibbonator
Here's the link to my project:
08:53 13-02-2012
Anthony: Please read the links I provided so that you understand what I'm proposing, then offer criticism. Or, if you do understand, I'd appreciate it if you would explain to me what's wrong with the idea.
15:47 12-02-2012
William: I replied yesterday.
10:22 12-02-2012
>jets blowing over the wing surface

that would make the wings cold....and not really do anything else.
10:09 12-02-2012
You may be right, though I still think jets blowing over the wing surface could work.
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