20:25 01-02-2012
Spugpow: I have read the posts on Amaterasu, a planet done in a style I like. As for the answer, this time I chose to provide it on the Speculative Biology forum

William: "cough"? Are you ill? ;-)
17:32 01-02-2012
William Stephens
15:27 01-02-2012
I have a biomechanics question, Sigmund.

Could a skeleton composed of tough, fluid tubes support an animal the size of a giraffe? How would such a support system compare to an exoskeleton?

I'm asking on behalf of Nocturnal Sea on the Speculative Evolution Forum, who has put out an open call for advice.

Thanks for your time (which I understand is limited ).
00:13 31-01-2012
I do. Just the other day I linked someone to your two ballont posts.
00:09 30-01-2012
Well... Who reads posts that are two years old or more? Sometimes I wonder about the worth of new posts; but no doubt Romans or 17th century writers felt the same way...
21:24 29-01-2012
Whoops. No wonder it looked familiar.
10:08 29-01-2012
I have already discussed it on my blog. The short answer is I like it very much.
09:10 29-01-2012
What do you think of the ideas in this video?

The auto-cannibalistic plant aside .
23:32 28-01-2012
Jan: the trouble with 'imagining' where propulsive force comes from is exactly that: imagining. Is imagination good enough, or do we require stronger arguments? As a scientist, I would say the latter; so where is the proof that only hind limbs are good at providing propulsive force? At present, I am not convinced that this is the case.

Mario: 'add on'? I do not understand what you mean?

Spugpow: OK, I guess that mean it is time to check my links again...

Antwan: Thank you! But you should understand that the Allotaurinae are not Furahan animals at all! They live somewhere else, and their creator has taken a rest, I think...

William: Thank you too. I admit that I did not look that carefully at the predators in that scene. I will have another look though and get back on that.
19:18 28-01-2012
William Stephens
HeThanks for the post on eyes, it was extremely helpful . I was reading through other posts and two years ago you spoke of the 'rocksucking cliffhangers'. I agree with the improbability of their existance, but I was wondering what you thought about the predators? Moments after the video ended, several yellow, bipedal gliding creatures appeared. They possessed two stingers on dextrous tails and large gliding membranes. Are they probable? The shoulder girdle is quite far down the body, but is this creature plausable? And could you possibly do a post on it? Thanks
02:31 28-01-2012
hi , i am sorry if my message is not very helpful, but i love your website. It is so cool. I kind of want to try and draw some of the Allotaurinea in your "About section. I would like to see some of them in your "Land" section. They are really cool. Again, sorry if my comment doesn't do you any good. Your work is still breathtaking.
02:57 26-01-2012
I noticed a slight mistake on your links page. It says that Alex Ries' webpage hasn't been updated since 2007, but he did in fact add a lot of new artwork not long ago.
13:46 25-01-2012
Mario Ferraro
Where can I download the add on Furaha? (:
09:58 14-01-2012
SN: I do not want to ruin the surprise moment, but I think that the problem of the right movement of hexapod is quite crucial. Personally I can not imagine other pair than the hind one to provide propulsion force. It is a question if the unattached hind legs can still do that. If so (after all gibbons or birds use them more than the hind ones), it could have other advantages than the shock absorption - it could allow greater movability of the hind legs, with the function similar to mammalian flexible spine.
But the exact function of the first two pairs is still a problem. Could it be that the Avatar had it parcially right and that there would not be such a difference in their movement? First the middle one beat the ground, than the forelegs works against the inertia and stabilize the body. Sorry if it is one the unpublishable surprises.
I would like to say that I am talking about The Runner, not some kind of animal which could be very fast occasionally (like hippopotamus or crocodile) but is not specialized to it.

Btw, is the book mostly done or is it still work in progress?
17:44 13-01-2012
Dras, if so, that is a coincidence. All shapes were designed first on paper but afterwards a random computer process was involved.

Jan: quite right. I did not say much about the 'unpublished' paintings to keep a bit of the surprise intact.
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