08:59 16-09-2012
Lorenzo Verhoosel
Could I please receive your email-adress?
I really could use some of your advies?
15:36 13-09-2012
Lorenzo Verhoosel
I am very impressed by your animated studies on locomotion.
However, it seems there is something missing in your "walking with" page.
The one with the animations on hexapedal locomotion does not show how a 'hexaped' would move in gallop.
In your painting with the predator chasing the blue herbivour you kind of show that it is possible.
Would you be intrested in making one more animation on the 'hexapedal page'?
Thanks for considering.
17:38 12-09-2012
16:15 12-08-2012
I love this...,or.r_gc.r_pw.r_qf.&biw=1024&bih=653&um=1&ie=UTF-8&tbm=isch&source=og&sa=N&tab=wi&ei=GbonUNOlJaj14QTI0oAQ
11:25 12-08-2012
Some grasshoppers have six pairs of ears, but it probably does not have any connection to their sense of direction
15:00 06-08-2012
Hello. The echolocation article is interesting. I would like to add that bats probably do not represent the best possible echolocation design and one of the advantages of echolocation is that it could measure the speed of an object using Doppler effect.
Still the self-exposing nature and energy expenditure of echolocation (I have read somewhere that bats use more energy on echolocation when not flying) is serious drawback.
23:16 30-07-2012
@Ben - Hi! I can recommend someone from deviantart if you're interested:
He takes comissions and is a professional artist, so I thought you may be interested! =)
22:34 29-07-2012
Hello Ben,

First of all: thank you! I am glad you like my work. I am a scientist -though not a biologist-, meaning my exobiological work is that of an amateur. That holds for my paintings as well: again, I am not a professional illustrator.

Usually I stay away from other people's projects for a very simply reason. It certainly do not consider such projects beneath my dignity! Instead, the reason is much simpler: I have an over 50 hours a week job, leaving me little time or energy to work on my own Furaha project. So, if I have have any time left, besides work and generally having a life, I tend to spend it on my Furaha project.

I therefore have to give you a disappointing answer: I do not have the time... However, what you could do is present your project at the 'speculative biology site'' :
There are many people there who work together, and the atmosphere is friendly. You could do a lot worse than presenting your work there.
12:21 28-07-2012
Hey Gert

I love your blog and the Furaha site! I really like the scientific observation approach to the animals of Furaha. As I understand you draw and create all your own illustrations and your quite clearly a skilled artists!

I too have created a project on an alien world (or at least the only landmass humans can land on and observe due to magnetic storms) called Tubasa. The creatures of Tubasa have a completely different respiratory and digestive system (if I can still call it that) to earth's animals and Furaha's I believe and although they produce a number of forms that look vaguely similar to earth's for the most part they are totally different. I also produced additional material to just animal life with things like geological history, evolution, plants, bio-mechanics and even the human expeditions and their logs.

Now to get to my point, as I am not the best of artists I would be honoured if you would consider doing some art pieces for it and looking at my project (its all a bit chaotic at the moment). Your one of my big inspirations and it would be just fantastic!

Hope to hear from you soon! (I can give you any additional info you want on the project just email me)
Ben Shread-Hewitt
15:30 25-07-2012
Evan Black
I agree about that second one. It reminds me of some kind of spidrid (furahan or not) that has adapted the extremities of its limbs into protective plates.

Very captivating to watch!
22:44 20-07-2012
Hello Jan,

Thank you; the second one is particularly enjoyable!
18:54 19-07-2012
Talkin about the speculative biology inspired by robotics inspired by real-world biology, maybe you know some of these robots
21:32 15-07-2012
Floris Kaayk's flying machine also featured on TV a few weeks ago. What I saw then was a much shorter clip, not allowing to view details, not to mention the relatively poor quality of the video. His position during flight made me believe that he got enough power by pushing cables with his legs, not his arms. This, I think, could have worked. It is a matter of quick reflexes to shift from running for take-off to flight position and then stretch your feet against the cables.

The video clearly showing the device actually taking off, but I think this was achieved with assistance from ground: A long cable held on one end by a person or a vehicle, a "kite-runner" probably. The cable is a translucent one, like what you use for sport-fishing. It was hard to discern through the ground camera, but the helmet's camera could have revealed something. The attempt to conceal the cable and the kite-runner by filming from an ultralight may have resulted in visible scenery differences during landing: The trees on the river bank were absent when seen from bird's view. I think it was an attempt to conceal the kite runner's cable, which was difficult to see from the ground.
01:43 23-06-2012
Evan Black - I must check it out asap! =)
20:52 21-06-2012
Evan Black
And it's all up to date now, too!
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